Friday, 30 July 2021

Lynne Tillman, Alex Trocchi & Me

I got asked to blurb the UK reissue of Lynne Tillman 's first book Weird Fucks a couple of days ago... which reminded me of what happened when I first attempted to obtain a copy....

A month or so after first meeting Lynne at a party in NCY in the spring of 1989, I was in Paris to interview Ralph Rumney about the Situationist show at the Pompidou Centre for Art Monthly. Rumney asked me if there was anyone in Paris I wanted to be introduced to and I said I'd really like to meet Gil J. Wolman, who I knew he knew. We just went around to Wolman's because he didn't have a phone but sadly he was out. Rumney suggested we try Jim Haynes who lived nearby, nice guy but hardly as exciting to me as getting to meet the man who'd made L'Anticoncept. We caught Jim at home and at that time he was making various literary works available by photocopying them individually when people asked for them. Weird Fucks was one of those books. I asked Jim to make me a copy of Lynne's novel and he looked around for the art work but couldn't find it. Embarrassed he'd mislaid the originals of the book I wanted, he insisted on giving me a copy of his autobiography Thanks For Coming published by Faber. It seemed like a day of disappointments with first not getting to meet Wolman, then not getting Lynne's book. However, later when I examined Thanks For Coming I discovered it reproduced a page from International Times that included a photograph of my mother at Alex Trocchi's 1969 Arts Lab event State of Revolt. Years later I discovered that Lynne organised the State of Revolt shortly after graduating from college and then moving to London..... So I unknowingly left Jim Hayne's pad with a little bit of Lynne's and my own family history crossing 20 years earlier.

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