Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Forward To Web 2.1 - Power To The People!

Having had problems with various Web 2.0 sites wanting to censor my material, I think the best way forward online at the moment is to use WordPress on our own sites. To that end my Mister Trippy blog can be found at the following address:


The main part of my website is here:

And my censored YouTube profile is there:


YouTube actually removed a parody of a Fluxus film for violating their rules. This was a countdown from 10 to 1, no images in it at all, just numerals. Presumably the problem was the joke title 10 Erotic Movies - it had more than twenty thousand hits before being taken down by the authoritarians who run that platform. If YouTube won't allow a film like this, then Web 2.0 is a joke and we need to move on to Web 2.1, where we control the sites we're posting on!

However, you can listen to my punk rock slop and spoken word schlock, and even get free downloads, here: