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The end of the academic year was now at hand, and London was beginning to put on her gayest clothing. In one South Kensington lodging Miss Katie Winter and her cousin Mary are sitting. They have been in London during the greater part of the day, having posted up from Yorkshire; but they have only just come in, for the younger lady is still in her bonnet, and Miss Winter's lies on the table. The windows are wide open, and Miss Winter is sitting at one of them; while her cousin is busied in examining the furniture and decorations of their temporary home, now commenting upon these, now pouring out praises of London.

"Isn't it too charming? I never dreamt that any town could be so beautiful. Don't you feel wild about it, Katie?"

"It is the queen of cities, dear. But I know it well, you see, so that I can't be quite so enthusiastic as you."

At this moment the door opened, and Mr. David Hockney introduced himself.

The RCA drag had passed along shortly before, bearing the soccer eleven home from a triumphant match. As they came past The Serpentine, Derek Boshier cried out:

"Now, boys, keep your eyes open, there must be plenty of lionesses about;" and thus warned, the whole load, including the cornopean player, were on the look-out for lady visitors, profanely called lionesses, all the way back to the college. They had been gratified by the sight of several walking in Hyde Park, before they caught sight of Miss Winter and her cousin. The appearance of these young ladies created a sensation.

"I say, look! up there in that first floor."

"By George, they're something like."

"The sitter for choice."

"No, no, the standing-up one; she looks so saucy."

"Hello, Hockney, do you know them?"

"One of them is my cousin," said Hockney, who had just been guilty of the salutation which excited the indignation of the younger lady.

"What luck!--You'll ask me to meet them - when shall it be? Tomorrow at breakfast, I vote."

"I say, you'll introduce me before the ball on Monday? promise now," said another.

"I don't know that I shall see anything of them," said Hockney; "I shall just leave a pasteboard, but I'm not in the humour to be dancing about lionising. Besides and as you know, I prefer men!"

A storm of indignation arose at this speech; the notion that any of the fraternity who had any hold on lionesses, particularly if they were pretty, should not use it to the utmost for the benefit of the rest, and the glory and honour of the RCA, was revolting to the postgraduate mind. So the whole body escorted Hockney to the door of the lodgings, impressing upon him the necessity of engaging both his lionesses for every hour of every day around the RCA, and left him not till they had heard him head upstairs and speak to the young ladies. They need not have taken so much trouble, for in his secret soul he was no little pleased at the appearance of creditable ladies, more or less belonging to him, and would have found his way to see them quickly and surely enough without any urging. Moreover, he had been really fond of his cousin, years before, when they had been boy and girl together.

So they greeted one another very cordially, and looked one another over as they shook hands, to see what changes time had made. He makes his changes rapidly enough at that age, and mostly for the better, as the two cousins thought. It was nearly three years since they had met, and then he was an undergraduate at art school and she still in her late-teens too. They were both conscious of a strange pleasure in meeting again, mixed with a feeling of shyness and wonder whether they should be able to step back into their old relations.

Mary looked on demurely, really watching them, but ostensibly engaged on rosebud trimming. Presently Miss Winter turned to her and said, "I don't think you two ever met before; I must introduce you, I suppose; my cousin David Hockney, my cousin Mary."
"Then we must be cousins, too," said Hockney, holding out his hand.

"No, Katie says not," she answered.

"I don't mean to believe her, then," said Hockney; "but what are you going to do now, tonight? Why didn't you write and tell me you were coming?"

"We have been so shut up lately, owing to papa's bad health, that I really had almost forgotten that you were at London."

"By the bye," said Hockney, "where is uncle?"

"Oh, he is dining with an old college friend of his. We have only been up here three or four hours, and it has done him so much good. I am so glad we spirited him up to coming."

"You haven't made any engagements yet, I hope?"

"Indeed we have; I can't tell how many. We came in time for luncheon at The Slade. Mary and I made it our dinner, and we have been seeing sights ever since, and have been asked to go to I don't know how many luncheons and breakfasts."

"What, with a lot of stuffed shirts, I suppose?" said Hockney, spitefully; "you won't enjoy London, then; they'll bore you to death."

"There now, Katie; that is just what I was afraid of," joined in Mary; "you remember we didn't hear a word about gang bangs or orgies all the afternoon."

"You haven't got invitations to any sex parties, then?" said Hockney, brightening up.

"No, how shall we get them?"

"Oh, I can manage that, I've no doubt." What Hockney didn’t add was that he’d actually been ordered by his top R. B. Kitaj to send a couple of girls along to a regular sex party run by a straight friend of the gay BDSM couple. What Hockney had to ensure was that neither of the girls caught sight of him with Kitaj before their date with destiny, so that they wouldn't recognise the sadist when they encountered him at the sex party.

“Gets us invited to as many sex parties as you can!” the two women chanted in unison. “We like rubbing our pussies against the bits of other chicks, but we love fucking guys too!”

“I like doing it with men best!” Hockney confessed, hoping the two lionesses would fall into the trap he was setting.

“Well we’re not fag hags!” Katie announced just as her cousin had hoped. “So maybe you can find us a regular party to go to, while you do your man thing elsewhere.”

Hockney claimed to know of several straight sex parties he had no interest in attending, as well as the passwords to get in. This was half-true and half-a-lie. The assertion that he knew about the parties was true, the bit about not wanting to go to them wasn’t! A few days later he sent Katie and Mary off to an expensive house near Epping Forest. He didn’t tell them that he’d be there too. He pulled this prank because Kitaj had ordered him to do so.

"Good evening," said Katie, smiling, when the door was answered. "I'm Katie and this is Mary. My cousin David Hockney asked us to come along to this party."

The geezer nodded. "He told us to expect you, but I thought you’d be older. No offence, but I trust the two of you do have proof of age?"

"No offence taken. It's always nice when someone knocks a few years off our age," purred Katie. "Yes, we both have ID."

After checking the passports the girls proffered, the bloke whistled: "Okay. Come along this way."

He led them through the house and into an extensive yard. More a landscaped park than a yard, thought Mary, looking around.

"If you care to wait here," they were told, "things will begin shortly. Actually, if you wait outside that window over there you can hear the gentlemen being given their instructions. Then you'll know exactly when they're coming out."

Watching the man return inside, Katie and Mary looked at each other. Katie shrugged. "Let's go listen," she said.

The girls crossed over to the window. It was slightly open and they could hear a low buzz of voices. There appeared to be half a dozen men in the room. They'd only been waiting a minute when there was a tapping sound and the voices died away.

"All right, gentlemen," a voice announced. "Hockney has sent a couple of nice young ladies over so the competition can begin. Tonight we are having a rape night. The first man to catch one of the girls has her, but only the first man. To lend some realism to this, the girls have been promised a large bonus if they can make it through to midnight without getting caught and screwed.

The bonus is big enough that the girls will do whatever it takes to keep their panties on. We're giving the girls ten minutes to make themselves scarce, and after that, good hunting."

"Katie, we've got to get out of here," said Mary.

"You're fucking telling me," gasped Katie. "Come on."

The two girls dashed along the side of the house to find a tall gate. Locked. One look was enough to tell them that their chances of climbing it were slim. Back to the other side of the house, where they found a similar situation.

"Why don't we knock on the door and explain we were tricked into coming here by your cousin?" wailed Mary.

"And what if whoever answers the door is taking part and promptly jumps one of us?" replied Katie. "Let's see if there's a back way out. Maybe we can climb the fence."

The yard, they found was very large. It took them several minutes to find their way through to the back fence. One look and their hearts sank.

"Who the hell puts barbed wire on their fences?" asked Katie with some bitterness. "Totally uncalled for."

The sound of a banging door and male laughter came floating through the air.

"Katie, what do we do?" hissed Mary, keeping her voice low. "If they catch us they're not going to believe we're not the women they think. They think we're prostitutes."

"Hide," snapped Katie. "It's our only chance. We can't hope to avoid them by just running and dodging. Pick a spot and stay hidden."

The girls split up, heading for different bushes to hide in. Katie, in a fit of ingenuity, chose a small shrub standing in a patch of lawn. Lying down, she curled up in a ball around the trunk, the shadows effectively hiding her from sight. She would, she thought, be safe. The bush looked too small for anyone to hide behind.

Mary, meanwhile, squeezed between two larger bushes and crouched down. Hopefully no one would see her there.

Footsteps passed close to the two girls, and they could see the flash of torches. That was cheating, in Mary's opinion, but then again, no one had asked her what she thought about the rape game or its rules.

From where she crouched, Mary could see Katie's little bush. Several times men passed close to it, a couple of them running their torches over it without seeing Katie. A case, Mary thought, of not seeing her because they didn't expect her to hide under such a small bush.

After a while the search drifted away to other parts of the grounds, with much grumbling from some of the men, who had apparently expected an easy catch.

Even knowing where Katie was, Mary couldn't spot her. She gave a sigh of relief. It looked as though they might just get away clean.

R. B. Kitaj had been standing quietly, torch off, listening. He was fairly certain that the paler patch between the bushes was one of the girls, but he'd waited for a little privacy before acting. Now, hearing the faint sigh, he smiled and moved forward.

The first indication Mary had that she was not alone was when a hand closed over her mouth and she was pulled out of the bushes.

"I suggest you don't scream," said a quiet voice. "You don't really want the rest of the men coming to watch, now do you?"

Well, no, she didn't, but she didn't want this man, either.

"Listen," she said, as soon as she was able to speak. "There's been a mistake. We were sent here by the cousin of my friend Katie. He’s a raging faggot and was upset we didn't wanna go to one of his male sex parties. He must have done it as a prank."

There was a snort of cynical laughter. "You didn’t know what sort of party this was and just came along because someone suggested it?"

"Yes," gasped Mary. "Honest. We thought it'd be fun."

"The bonus can't be that large if that's the best you can come up with," came the dry comment.

With that, Mary felt her dress being pulled up. She started struggling, finding the man far too strong. Kitaj ruthlessly stripped off her dress, tossing it to the side.

"You want to take the rest off?" he asked.

Choosing to try and run, Mary turned and bolted, getting about one step before a hand latched onto her arm.

"Prefer me to do it, I guess," came a laughing remark, and Mary found herself firmly held while bra and panties were removed and she was pushed down onto the grass.

Mary was appalled at the ease with which Kitaj was handling her. Her struggles were just completely ignored. He casually caught her wrists and held them in one hand while he stroked her breasts. When he relaxed his hold on her for a moment, it was only for the purpose of undoing and dropping his trousers.

She would not let him just take her, decided Mary. Several boys had found she just wouldn't open her legs. He'd just be another one. Her resolve took a nasty hit when he slipped his foot between her ankles and gently moved her legs apart. Why was she feeling so weak and helpless? She should be able to keep her legs together, damn it. Not so, it appeared. He eased her legs further apart, and she weakly let him.

Then he was leaning over her, slowly lowering himself onto her. She felt his erection pressing against her, then it was sliding smoothly into her while she cursed herself for not fighting.

This was rape, damn it. She'd just lie there and let Kitaj see what fun he could get from a wooden lump. She groaned when she felt herself pushing up to meet him. Didn't she have any self-respect? How could she cooperate while he raped her in this fashion?

Quite easily, it turned out.

Kitaj, who Mary didn't know from Adam, started driving into her hard and fast. He moved smoothly and Mary found herself following his lead as though they'd done this a thousand times before. Perhaps he had; the stray thought crossed Mary's mind. At least, if she had to be raped, she was being taken by someone who knew what he was doing.

Mary gasped, her body happily meeting the strange cock that now had control of her. He pushed into her, sending exciting vibrations racing through her. He hammered her, going on and on, taking her, pumping her, having his fun from her. And Mary went with him, pushing eagerly up to meet him as he repeatedly demonstrated his mastery of her body.

The entire time, a little corner of Mary's mind was wailing, this is so unfair. He shouldn't be able to treat me like this. It's just not right.

Right or wrong, Mary was being comprehensively ravished. Hands mauled her breasts, matching the beat from below. Lips roughly kissed her, sucking on her neck. She was going to have marks there the next day, she just knew it.

Kitaj was moving faster now. Mary could feel her heart beating faster, trying to keep up with the rhythm being forced upon her. Her blood was running hot and she was taking shuddering breaths. Rational thought had deserted her, leaving her at the mercy of her instincts and her instincts were all screaming yes, ride him like the big dipper at the fun fair, or better yet liked a jockey determined to win the Grand National!

Her climax when it came was not a surprise, but an immense relief. She'd have died if he'd finished without seeing her through. As it was, it merely felt like she'd died simply to rise again on the third day like some mythical son of god, before ascending to heaven.

"What now?" she asked when she had finally gathered her wits.

"Now we go inside and wait until your friend gets caught or midnight comes," she was told. "If she's good, we have a couple of hours to wait."

The time passed interminably slowly. Eventually Mary was roused from where she'd been sitting, just nodding off into a dream in which she was the first amphibian to crawl from the sea and feel the warmth of the sun on her skin.

"It looks like your friend was lucky or skilled," she was told. "No one has found her. Do you know where she is?"

Mary nodded.

"Then why don't we go out there and break the happy news. She scores her bonus."

Relieved on Katie's behalf, Mary returned to the yard.

"Ah, where were we when you caught me?" she asked.

"This way," she was told and Mary shortly found herself by a pair of familiar looking bushes.

"Over under that small bush," she said, pointing. "You can come out now, Katie. It's gone midnight."

There was a muffled groan, and Katie writhed out from under the bush. A few more groans and she was in an upright position, rubbing cramped muscles.

"I saw you get caught, Mary," she muttered. "I'm sorry. It was all my fault."
Mary shrugged. "These things happen. I just want to get out of here. But I did enjoy the shag in the end. Do you think I sound like some misogynist male writer? One who in their sexist delusions believes women want to be raped?"

"You do rather,"Katie agreed. "If I saw your words in a story I wouldn't for a minute believe they came from a woman's mouth, but then as you know truth is stranger than fiction!"

Turning to her escort, Mary asked Kitaj if he could show them out.

"Well, I would," he said, "but it appears that I've made a slight mistake with the time. It's still fifteen minutes to midnight. Hello, Katie. I'm very pleased to meet you."

“I can see that because I know that isn’t a gun in your pocket!” Katie snapped. “But let’s go inside to fuck, it will be so much more comfortable. And in case you're wondering I'm psychic and right now I'm channelling the words a male writer placed on what in the future will be called an internet forum, but of course when he did so this bozo was pretending to be a woman!"

"Beyond your desire to get up close and naked indoors, I can't understand a word you're saying. I suspect, Katie, that you're completely off your rocker!"

"Well you would say that!" Katie spat. "After all you're a typical misogynist bore. However, you're also rather cute, so I do fancy taking a tumble between the sheets with you! It's your body rather than your IQ that turns me on!"

There were two beds in the room Kitaj led the girls into. Our anti-hero David Hockney was already in one stark naked and grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. Katie got into the other bed. Hockney slid over to his cousin's bed and started to kiss Katie, as Kitaj had instructed him to do. He was hot and hard, it wasn't long before her T-shirt was gone and Hockney was whispering in her ear about how badly he wanted to fuck her.

Kitaj said he wanted to watch the kissing cousins get it on from the shadows in the doorway. Katie wondered whether Mary would watch her and Hockney get it on, or if she'd rather just rest on the other bed with her back turned to them. Just then Katie felt something brush her hand. Before she knew what was happening Mary was in the bed with the two cousins whispering dirty talk in both their ears.

The erection, which was still pushing against the lace between Katie’s legs, wasn't wasted. Katie had to make a decision fast before her brain took over and reminded her Mary was – like Hockney – her cousin.

Katie lent in and whispered to Hockney to kiss Mary, at the same time she put her hand in Mary’s silky hair and guided her towards Hockney’s face. As soon as they'd finished kissing, Mary lent in to kiss Katie, letting him know the girls were going to enjoy each other, not just him.

Mary was soon rolled gently onto her back so that Katie could help Hockney undress her, pulling her satin shorts off while he kissed her breasts and pulled the top over her head. They both took a second to take in the sight of Mary lying there naked, her full round tits revealed, skin as smooth as silk, her pussy neatly shaved with just a thin strip pointing the way to the pleasure hole they now knew they were both going to enjoy.

And then they turned their attention to Katie. Mary struggled up and got on top of her, kissing her hard, pulling back just far enough for Hockney and Kitaj to see their tongues exploring each other's mouths. And then Katie felt Hockney pulling at the black lace that held her tits in, gently exposing her D cup breasts which now sat right under Mary's. Mary slid to the side so Hockney and Kitaj could see Katie’s tits properly. She was kissing Katie’s neck and teasing her nipple with her fingers, as Hockney's tongue found its way to the same place. Then Katie felt Mary’s hands take over her slow strip, her last shred of modesty removed as Mary tugged at the lace between her legs and gently pushed them open to show Hockney her pussy.

Mary forced Katie’s legs all the way open, looking up to make sure Hockney could see what she had exposed for him, as if this throbbing pussy was a gift from her. Katie found it amazingly sexy to be lying there with her shaven pussy completely exposed, being offered to a relative she’d known all her life by another woman. Hockney licked Katie’s love button, and before long she felt a new tongue lapping gently at her clit, fresh fingers pushing slowly inside. Katie looked down and sure enough it was Mary who was now sucking and kissing her slowly for Hockney and Kitaj’s viewing pleasure. Hockney was behind and above her, clearly enjoying the sight of Mary giving Katie girl-on-girl oral sex, at the same time slowly sliding his fingers in and out of her cunt.

Katie’s pussy was on fire and she wanted more than Mary's fingers inside her. Gently Katie pulled Mary away from her and sat up, kissing her deeply on the mouth and licking around her lips seductively so she would know she wasn't finished with her. Hockney was rock hard after licking Katie’s pussy and watching Mary do the same, while Kitaj was standing in the shadows flogging himself off.

The two girls pushed Hockney onto his back and Katie slid all the way down onto his hard cock. As she began sliding back and forth, taking him balls-deep into her smoothly shaved pussy, Mary knelt with one leg either side of his head and lent forward to kiss Katie, rubbing her  nipples at the same time. The view from where Hockney lay must have been incredible.

Before long Hockney stiffened as he pumped his first load of cum deep into Katie, crying out loudly as he did so; and sounding for all the world like a cock frantically attempting to outrun a fox in a chicken coup. Mary came up behind Katie and lifted her from Hockney's still-hard cock, pulling her down so that they both faced up with their legs wide open, again giving Hockney a full view of two soaking wet pussies.

Mary reached down and placed her just-licked fingers into Katie’s cunt. Katie started to stroke her tits, drawing slow circles around her own nipples, for her own pleasure and that of the three pairs of eyes watching her. Katie was so close to orgasm that it was only moments later that she felt her pussy tighten around Mary’s fingers and the world slid out of focus as DNA scrambled and unscrambled itself across the muscular structure of her bulk. Katie really dug the feeling of letting herself disappear completely into the throes of her own orgasm. The fact that Hockney and Kitaj were looking on as she did so made the pleasure even more intense!

Hockney kissed girls, ending up in a three way kiss with all their tongues lapping at each other, and with the taste of Katie’s cunt in all their mouths. Katie decided it was time to use Mary's beautiful body to give Hockney and her some pleasure. She pulled the tie Hockney had been wearing from the back of the chair and bound Mary's wrists tightly together above her head, while she kissed her cousin's beautiful round tits.

When Hockney bent over to get a good look at Mary’s pussy, Katie knelt underneath him and pulled Mary up onto her knees so they could both slide their tongues down the shaft of his cock, carrying on into an all-girl kiss as they reached the tip. They continued to share Hockney's length until the pre-cum dripping from their mouths told them it was time to fight over his erection, and he lay down to enjoy the blow job.

The two girls greedily sucked Hockney’s pork sword into their mouths one after the other, competing to get closest to the bottom of his shaft. Then Katie left Mary pulling him deep into her throat while she sucked his balls into her gob and began to lick and suck them, running her tongue around in circles and moaning gently, knowing the vibration would drive him wild.

When Hockney had enjoyed these oral attentions for as long as he could take it, he pushed both girls back onto the bed, laying them out next to each other, legs open, and knelt back trying to choose which love hole he wanted. It was no surprise that he decided to try Mary first, he'd already had Katie once and the other girl's beef curtains were still new to him, and sopping wet.

Next Hockney's hand found it's way to the back of Katie’s head, pushing her towards Mary’s slit to prepare her for him, as if she needed any more foreplay, she was already dripping with cunt juice. Katie obliged anyway, since she enjoyed the taste of pussy and was keen to please Hockney and Kitaj. As Mary started to moan under Katie’s tongue, Hockney moved his cousin away from her front fun hole, and moved into position between her satin smooth legs.

Katie guided Hockney all the way in, and she opened up around his love muscle as he gasped in pleasure. Hockney was soon pumping his shaft deep into Mary, his cock disappearing into her and reappearing covered in her love juice. He cried out. Even Kitaj could see Hockney’s legs trembling as he drove down into Mary again and again.

Then Hockney guided Katie down on top of Mary, face up so she was spread out for his visual pleasure while he was still pumping Mary's quim. He pulled out of her and thrust quickly into Katie, then after a few strokes inside his cousin he yanked his manhood outta her and drove his huge cock back inside Mary.

Hockney carried on like that, going from one to the other whenever he felt the urge, keeping both girls on the brink of orgasm. Katie could feel Mary's breasts pushing against her back while Hockney fucked both of them. Before long Katie reached down and rubbed her clit until she came again, even harder than the first time. It felt like an action replay of the first star exploding as the big bang created our universe. Every inch of Katie’s skin tingled against Mary's as they both enjoyed being Hockney's filthy little fuck sluts.

Mary put her still-bound hands on Katie’s breasts and began to knead them, holding on tight as Hockney drove her towards release. She wasn't far behind Katie. After a further eighty-three seconds of shagging, she went rigid as the tidal wave of orgasm hit her like a storm tossed sea breaching land defences. Katie turned her head to kiss Mary and the girl came on Hockney's pork sword, her body wracked by a tsunami of spasms.

All of this felt amazing to Hockney, and he was putting maximum effort into holding back his own orgasm. As soon as Mary stopped shaking he pulled out of her and made both girls get on their knees, heads together, mouths open. He shot hot wet semen over both their faces, into their open gobs, rubbing it in to their skin as they kissed each other, wiping his cock inside their mouths when he was finished. They both licked him clean, fighting over his cock one last time, as Kitaj also brought himself off, shooting his load all over the bedroom floor!


  1. Only truly talented artist can handle kissing cousins like this. Although, I am disappointed that Kitaj made a mess of the floor. What a waste!

  2. Elvis Presley or Chris Bailey of The Saints would have handled them better, and been much nicer to the girls in the process!