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Hockney's success at acting out the role of the submissive did not last long. After his master deliberately ignored Hockney for a week as a test, the rubber slave arrived unsummoned in Kitaj's room in a furious state of mind. Kitaj looked up from his books and exclaimed:

"What's the matter? Where have you been tonight? You look fierce enough to sit for a portrait of Sanguinoso Volcanoni, the bandit."

"Been!" said Hockney, sitting down on the spare Windsor chair, which he usually occupied, so hard as to make it crack again; "been! I've been to a wine party with Pauline Boty. Do you know her?"

"Yes, of course I do!"

"Yes, I remember; you copped off with her once but she wouldn’t let you jerk off in her face."

"Aye, she is sexually magnificent in every other way, I can tell you."

"Well, hasn’t anyone told you?"


"Well I haven’t been able to stand the fact that you’ve been ignoring me, so Pauline and I have been making the beast with two backs!”

“But you aren’t into girls sexually!” Kitaj exclaimed.

“I know!” Hockney wailed. “I feel like I must be a complete masochist!”

“You’re a natural born rubber slave!” was Kitaj’s rejoinder.

“Master,” Hockney pleaded, “you must subject me to the most savage of cock tortures!”

“Hockney,” Kitaj laughed, “if I was to indulge you with such sport right now, I’d be giving into your demands and you’d be the master and I’d be the slave?”

“Surely not if you were torturing my cock!”

“I’m going to give you a leaflet about cock and ball torture. I want you to go home and get in your lonely bed. Then you’re to read the text and afterwards jerk yourself off as you fantasise about Pauline Boty doing the things described within it to you.”

“But Kitaj,” Hockney protested. "I'd rather submit to you!"

“No buts,” the rubber master insisted, “you’ll to do as I say and tomorrow you’re to tell Boty all about it."

Kitaj rummaged through some papers before extracting a leaflet and handing it to Hockney. He then curtly dismissed the rubber slave. Hockney raced home and as instructed got into bed before reading the BDSM tract. The text ran as follows:

Cock & Ball Torture


Cock and ball torture, or CBT as it is more commonly called, can involve a variety of things. Torture can be used to induce mild to severe pain or it can be used only to cause discomfort. It is important to note that the penis and testicles can be easily or permanently damaged and, therefore, caution must be observed when practising this activity.

Some in the BDSM community speculate that torturing a man's genitals is directly related to sexual control issues while others argue that torturing a man's sex organs addresses the ego. I would suppose that each male has his own reason for desiring this type of torture.

In many primitive cultures a man's testicles were viewed as sacred and, in some instances, oaths were given while holding a penis in the hand. And, in certain societies, squeezing a man's testicles could lead to the perpetrator losing their hand.

There are many methods of CBT and, depending on the pain threshold or erotic tendencies of the individual, some can be very dramatic.

Ball Torture

I. Squeezing

The testicles are perhaps the most sensitive area of man's genitals as well as the most fragile. Any activity involving the testicles should be undertaken carefully and with consideration given to the individual's welfare. Mistakes can lead to ruptures, tears, or other disfiguring and disabling results.

One form of ball torture is simply squeezing them in the palm of one hand, as if squeezing a rubber ball. By pulling down on the testicles before squeezing them, they rest at the bottom of the sack and can be squeezed more effectively. Start with a gentle pressure and work up from there until your partner has reached his threshold.

While squeezing the balls you can manipulate them in your palm, causing them to rub slightly against one another. This rubbing presses on nerves that lie on the outsides of each testicle and causes a sharp shooting pain that travels up into the abdomen.

II. Slapping

Slapping is another painful method of ball torture. While the sack of the testicles hangs loose, gently but firmly slap them from side to side. The testicles will bounce within the sack when they are slapped causing immense pain so it is wise not to slap them with too much force.

You can also tie up the balls with a length of rope, tubing, or leather straps. To do this, gather the testicles in one hand and gently pull down. With the other hand, wrap the rope or other restraint device just above the balls and tie off. Once this is accomplished, tap lightly with the fingers on the now taut sides of the testicles.

The testicles are subject to rupture easily when they are bound so it is important that you do not use too much force during this activity. Also, the testicles should not remain bound for extended periods of time as blood flow may be restricted.

III. Pinching

The skin around the testicles is more sensitive while bound and pinching them with fingernails or tweezers can also prove to be very painful. Scraping the nails or other implements over the tightened skin of the sack is also deemed painful.

Use a ballpoint pen to write or draw on the bound testicles. This produces sensations that vary from sensual to painful, depending on the amount of pressure applied.

You might also try a tracing wheel (can be purchased at sewing centres for a few pennies) to trace over the surface of the bound testicles. Again, the amount of pressure used determines the reaction you will get. You may even try placing the tracing wheel in an ice box for a few hours beforehand.

Any instrument may be used in this manner, however, you may want to avoid anything that would cut or puncture the skin.

IV. Clamps

There are various devices that can be used to clamp the skin around the testicles. Nipple clamps, clothes pins, and binder clips are just a few useful things that you can use. Leaving these on for a period of time allows the subject to adjust to the pressure that is being applied to the area. However, when the clamps are removed, the experience will be extremely painful.

If you use clothespins, try purchasing the plastic ones that have holes in their ends. These can be applied over the entire sack of the testicles and then laced together with string or thin rope. Once they are all laced together, you can pluck at the various strings and produce pain in more specific areas all along the sack.

Binder clips (purchased at office supply stores) will perhaps produce the most pain without the use of weights. These can be adjusted by prying them apart; giving you an assortment of pressures to use on your submissive.

Nipple clamps (purchased through catalogues and fetish stores) come in a large variety. The butterfly clamps are nice because they can be easily weighted. The alligator clip variety can be adjusted to produce anything from mild to extreme discomfort.

Regardless of where you purchase your clips, be sure to wash them first in warm soapy water and then sterilise them with alcohol before using. This cuts down on bacteria that may have been picked up during packaging and shipping. And, always clean your toys after each play session.

V. Weights

Weights can be added to clamps that have been attached to the sack of the testicles. A good source for weights is a store that sells fishing tackle. By choosing fishing weights of various sizes and heaviness, you can make the experience more challenging for the submissive.

By threading a small rope or twine through the weights and tying them off, you have a weighting system that can be readily added to the clamps, a piece at a time.

Also, fishing weights come in various sizes, shapes, and degrees of heaviness and so allow you to challenge your submissive to take more pain each time you play.

Other sources for weights are the hardware store. You can purchase nuts in varying sizes and these are also easily threaded with twine or rope, making it easy to use them during playtime.

To store your weights, simply drive a nail in a closet wall out of sight and hang them from it.

VI. Parachutes

Parachutes are usually made of leather and can be purchased through most fetish catalogues or stores catering to the BDSM scene. A parachute attaches between the testicles and the penis and has three chains that come together just under the testicles. These chains are usually joined together with a circular link so that weights can be attached. Though not necessarily painful, most men who enjoy CBT find the constant tug on their testicles to be erotic. Also, men can be made to walk around while wearing the weights dangling between their thighs.

The parachute can also be turned inside out while the testicles are still in them, producing a mushroom looking effect of the testicles. Parachutes can be purchased in one-size- fits all, however, when possible it's best to have them made to your specific size and requirements. You can have attachments added to your parachute if it is made for you.

When having a parachute custom made, consider having studs sewn into the side that will sit against the testicles. This causes discomfort, especially after weights have been added or when worn under clothing.

VII. Binding

Binding the testicles can be accomplished in several ways. While pulling down on the testicles, you can use rope, twine or leather straps, wrapping it repeatedly around the sack then tying it off. This wrapping causing some stretching and separation and can present a very pleasing sight.

The testicles can also be separated and each tied into it's own little sack. Start with the lowest hanging testicle first and once it is firmly tied move to the next. Once both testicles are separately tied, wrap rope above both causing them to be pushed together. You must be careful tying off the testicles because if the blood flow is interrupted to the area over a period of time, this can cause damage. You might also want to use multicolour rubber bands to tie off the testicles.

You can also purchase leather ball straps in varying sizes that can be placed around the balls, although these will stretch over time.

VIII. Mummification

Mummification is not just for whole body. The testicles can be wrapped and completely encased in rope, gauze, cloth strips, or even packing tape. Be cautious when striking the testicles in this state, as when they are tightly bound they are easily damaged. If you are using gauze, start at the top of the sack and work your way down. This puts more pressure into the sack of the testicles when you are finished.

When using tape you don't need to worry too much about how tight you should get it as the real torture starts when you remove it. Old bed linens and pillowcases make excellent binding material and can be washed and used again after each play session.

IX. Waxing

Waving the balls is another way to produce pain. Choose either soft or hard wax, depending on the temperature you prefer. A soft wax will melt relatively quickly and won't be as hot as a slower burning hard wax. Drip the wax slowly and at intervals all along the surface of either loose or tied testicles.

Shaving the testicles beforehand will make them more sensitive and makes wax removal less of a chore. Of course, if you don't choose to shave your submissive, he's in store for a harrowing time while the wax is removed.

You might try removing the wax with a dull edged butter knife for more sensation; otherwise giving the testicles a hard squeeze will break up the wax and allow you to peel it off slowly in small sections.

Wax retains heat so you can pour on several layers at a time without worry of serious burns.

Penis Torture

The penis can be tortured in a variety of ways. It is important to note once again that this is a body area that is susceptible to damage. Caution should be exercised with the following activities.

I. Whipping

Whipping the penis can be done while it is soft or erect. When the penis is in full erection, blood vessels are enlarged so it is important that you are careful. A ruptured vessel takes a long time to heal and can sometimes erectile dysfunction.

You can use any type of whip you want as long as you do not use too much force. Striking the penis with the tip of the whip is preferable since any other motion will produce a wrapping effect.

Some companies make a short whip that resembles a key chain. This whip is quite effective in administering pain given it's small size.

Another suggestion would be to purchase some shoelaces (found at most stores) and tie them together creating a homemade whip. The plastic tips at the end of the shoelaces can cause great pain to the submissive when they make contact with the skin. This type of whip is also effective because you can design it to a length that you can handle comfortably. Another way to make your own whip is to buy leather shoelaces and braid them together. This makes a short, easily handled whip that will have more weight to it.

II. Waxing

Totally encasing the penis in wax of various colours can be enjoyable to the top as well as the bottom. Again, you must decide between hard and soft wax. Soft wax moulds more easily to the surface of the penis and can be layered.

As the wax is layered, heat is held in close to the skin on the penis and can be very erotic to the submissive.

Removing sections of the wax is easier if you start with a softer wax. You can take out sections and re-wax while the rest is still cooling.

If you are feeling very creative, place a birthday candle at the tip of the penis when you start waxing and coat the wax at the base until it stands firmly in place. (Be careful not to shove the candle into the urethra.)

Once you have finished waxing the entire surface of the penis, light the birthday candle and watch it's progress. It will drop down onto the existing wax, heating things up.

III. Binding

The penis can be bound with rope, leather, chain, gauze, or packing tape, in much the same manner as the testicles. Binding the penis while soft keeps it from reaching erection and can be an added tool of torture while engaging in other activities. Cock straps are also available in leather and can be fitted onto the penis before it is hard to prevent erection.

Another trick is to place as many condoms as possible on the penis. Each condom will add pressure to the cock, as well as cutting down on the amount sensation that the submissive can feel through them. I suggest purchasing cheaper priced condoms for this activity; however, do not use these same condoms for protection purposes. Non-lubricated condoms produce the greatest amount of discomfort to the submissive.

As he'd been reading through this treatise on CBT, Hockney had become increasingly excited. After finishing the text, he gripped his erect manhood and after a dozen strokes his genetic wealth spurted all over his belly. As Hockney used bog roll to wipe up the sticky mess, he imagined Pauline Boty laughing in his face as he told her he wanted his penis waxed and to have a lit birthday candle attached to its end.


  1. Though not an expert in this area, my sense is that a combination of numerous, poor-quality condoms and waxing would cause a special, incredibly exciting effect. I imagine it to be a result of a steady increase in temperature on the one hand, and, on the other, the contact between extremely irritating materials with the skin. Wha do yo think, Stux?

  2. Sounds great as long as it isn't me getting the CBT.... shaved or unshaved for extra pain at the end? And what wax from half-way down? so you feel the cheap condoms at the tip (although this would mean no birthday candle in the end). I think I prefer cut 'n' paste blogging and copying comments from elsewhere to create my replies to either variety of CBT (allegedly mentally theraputic treatment or BDSM).....

  3. It can't be you. And it certainly is not me who feels the cheap condoms. If such thing can be felt. It's all but soldiers of the army of walking metaphors. Just like CBT or BDSM is, isn't it...

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